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Public Works

Maxatawny Township Roadmaster
Bobby Turner
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Road Foreman
Roy Wessner
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Road Crew
Casey Miller

Snow Removal Tips For Residents

Vehicle Parking
If at all possible, park vehicles trailers, and boats off the roadway so that the plows can efficiently clear the roadways.

The Township annually receives complaints about plowing driveways closed after a resident has spent hours shoveling them open. Unfortunately, during plowing operations snow is pushed to the right side of the road, regularly blocking driveways and parked cars.

The best way to avoid having to clear snow from your driveway multiple times is to wait until plowing operations are complete before you clean up. If you would like to get a head start but don’t need to get out of your driveway, consider not shoveling the last six feet toward the street until the plowing operation is complete (normally the plow will come through two times).

If you need to clear your driveway before plowing is complete, you can minimize the amount of snow plowed into the driveway. Clear not only your driveway out into the street, but also all of the snow at least 10 feet along the street. This will allow plows to unload most of the snow before crossing in front of your driveway.

*When there is snow on the ground, it is sometimes hard to tell exactly where the road ends and your yard begins. Please place snow markers along the road to help prevent the plow driver from driving into your yard.
The Township will not clean up yards after snow removal.

*Do not throw or blow snow into the streets.

*Do not block fire hydrants with snow

*If trees or branches come down in a storm, or at any time, it is the responsibility of the property owner to remove the debris in a timely manner.

*Above all, please be patient

State Roads
*Eagle Point Road, Noble Street, Krumsville Road, *Long Lane, Millcreek Road, *Crystal Cave Road, *Old Topton Road, Topton Road, Fleetwood Road, Bowers Road (from Fleetwood Road to Township Line), 222, Kutztown Road

*State Roads that the Township provides plowing services during a snow event. All other maintenance is provided by PennDot. Please note that if you have a road issue/complaint on any of the State Roads, you need to reach out to the local Penndot office at 610-929-0766.

Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection is done in October to sometime in November, Monday through Wednesday with Thursday being a make-up day in case of rain or other issues that would prevent us from getting out on a regularly scheduled day. The Township will only visit each road once a week, so if you see them come through on Monday, they will not be back on the road until the following week. Residents are asked to rake the leaves to the curb or gutter if they want the leaves collected. Only leaves at the curb will be collected. Please DO NOT place anything other than leaves at the curbside or gutter. Also leaf collection WILL NOT occur along Route 222 for safety reasons.

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