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Maxatawny Township

Forms & Documents

   Complaint Form download
   Residential and Commercial Trash & Recycling Guidelines download
   Right-To-Know Request Form download

  Zoning / Building / Codes
   Berks County Conservation District Project Application download
   Building Permit Application download
   Building Plan Submission Requirements download
   Building Code Appeal download
   Required Building Inspections Information download
   Comprehensive Plan download
   Conditional Use Application download
   Conditional Use Application Fee Schedule download
   Conditional Use Hearing Entry of Appearance Form download
   Deck Inspection Information download
   Drainage Plan Application download
   Electrical Permit Application download
   Flood Plain Application download
   Rental Application (For Rental Properties) download
   Road Opening Permit Application download
   Subdivision Land Development Application Packet download
   Subdivision Submission Fees and Submittal Requirements download
   County Referral Land Subdivision & Land Development Review Application download
   Vacant Property Registration Application download
   Zoning Permit Application download
   Zoning Hearing Board Appeal download
   Zoning Plan Submission Requirements download

  Parks & Recreation
   Special Event Application download
   William DeLong Memorial Park Pavilion Rental Application and Rules download

  Municipal Authority
   2022 Drinking Water Quality Report download
   Sewer Capacity Reservation Request Form download
   Water/Sewer Connection Form download

  Septic / Sewerage
   Sewage Management Septage Hauler List download
   Septic System Inspection Form download
   Sewage/Septic Pumping Cycles download

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